Pollination at a glance


Image result for pollenation
Image source: Deviant Art

Pollination is the transfer of pollen grain from the anther of a plant to the stigma of the same or another plant. When the pollen grain is transferred to the stigma of another plant it is referred to as cross-pollination, but when it is the stigma of the same plant it is known as self-pollination. These pollen grains are the male gametes of plants which are produced by the pollen mother cell in the anther through meiotic division. The transfer of pollen can either be fostered by wind or insect. When it is wind-aided, it is called anemophilous, while when it is insect aided it is called entomophilous.The pollen grain contains two nuclei which are the generative and tube nucleus. Pollination leads to fertilization of the female plant gamete which is the ovary to form fruits and seeds.



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